Burnstar Review and more

GameInfo: Burnstar is an action puzzle game in which your goal is to burn everything. Use explosives to solve your problems alone or with a friend in cooperative play.

Review: I normally don’t like puzzle games, but I sat down with Burnstar and really got into it.

It does have a slight Bomber man thing going, but aside from placing bombs and being more or less gridlike it’s very different than the classic game.

Your goal is to spread fire throughout a level as thoroughly as possible while using the least amount of the explosives that each level gives for your disposal. But fire spreads in a very distinct way. Big objects spread fire further and light smaller objects on fire. Smaller boxes have a harder time lighting bigger boxes but there are exceptions that you have to learn and be aware of. This isn’t the exact best explanation but that’s part of the “puzzle” so I’ll let you figure the rest out.
But while you walk around the level you’re trying to assess the best way to spread fires throughout because the number of tools you have to start fires are limited. As you get further into the game you’re going to have to do the above without dying from various level hazards, and that’s when I really think it pulled me in. Light all this stuff on fire in the most controllled and fast way possible, but also don’t die. (There’s a really quick level restart button so failure feels like failure, but you’re back in it before you’ve really gotten down on yourself.)

Other stuff….There are four characters to choose from and each one has a unique ability, but honestly I just end up playing Burnstar because well…he’s really fast and I like to go fast even if it means I die a lot.

Oh, there’s actually a surprising amount of content here. The whole game has the like…I just bought an old N64 game feel where there’s actually a ton of content shipped with the game..I guess what I’m trying to say is it feels complete. I’ve put quite a few hours in and I haven’t even beat it yet. You have to work your way through all these worlds Mario style and I can’t really remember how many more I have to go.



Title: Burnstar
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Strategy
Developer: Nerve Software LLC
Publisher: Nerve Software LLC
Release Date: 18 Mar, 2015

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