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Distance (PC and PS4)

Concept: Neon-lit survival action racing where the challenge is keeping on the track, not necessarily beating your opponents and setting the fastest time


Developer Profile: Brought together by projects at DigiPen, Refract is a young and relatively inexperienced team, but with so many of their school projects being released for public consumption, they already have plenty to build on. Distance is Refracts first full game release and was funded via Kickstarter in late 2012.

High Point: Distance is a spiritual successor to Nitrontc Rush, a DigiPen project this team created that won the Indie Game Challenge Gamer's Choice award in 2012.

Developer History:
Nitronic Rush 2012 [PC]
The Fourth Wall 2012[PC]
Solace 2010 [PC]

Format: PC, PSA
Origin: USA
Publisher: Refract Studios
Developer: In-house
Release: TBC 2015
Players: 1-TBC


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