Firewatch (PC, Mac, Linux)

Concept: Charged with watching over a Wyoming wilderness as a fire watchman, a mystery and budding radio-based relationship kick off this first-person experience

Developer Profile: With developers like Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin who worked on The Walking Dead, Nels Anderson from Mark Of The Ninja, composer Chris Remo and artist Olly Moss, Firewatch has a who’s who of Indie talent behind it. This is the first game from Campo Santo, but with a roster like this expect great things to come.

High Point: Of the games these developers have worked on, The Walking Dead is far and away the most commercially successful and remains a high point. There’s no shortage of top indie credits throughout the team though.

Developer History
The Walking Dead 2012 [Multi]
Mark Of The Ninja 2012 [Multi]
Gone Home 2013 [PC]

Format: PC, Mac, Linux
Origin: USA
Publisher: Campo Santo
Developer: In-house
Release: Q1 2015
Players: 1

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