New space super shooter: «Ares: Wings of Discord»

Dear space shooters’ fans as well as “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” fanciers! We’re glad to inform you about our new MMO “Ares: Wings of Discord” near outcome! A young game development studio “Figuratis technologies” is working on this game. What is this game about? What is fascinating about it? And how is it going to win all “Star Wars” and space fans’ hearts?

The plot of this space game involves two opposing forces: Oligarchy and Revolution. When the space domestication was in full swing, there was a lack of manpower for doing a nasty job. So, special slaves – duplicates were created for this aim. Soon the duplicates rebelled to fight for their rights.

During the long-lasting space war in one of the Universe’ corners the miracle happened. Artificial neuronets of the space ships found their consciousness and own will. It was regarded by many as the sign of the war’s forthcoming end with the victory of one side. But things are not quite as they seem.
(You can find the story’s detailed description on our official website

The player is to start the game as an exploratory biodroid which is set a task to take a sample of soil from one of asteroids where something anomalous is happening. Under this task the player is to master piloting and navigation skills and to try hand at a small-time space fighting. You can see everything with your own eyes on our website, just press the button “Play training mission”.

The game will be available on PC and Consoles. Currently the developer have prepared a browser game version so that every spase shooters fan could play the alpha version using “early access”. For this it’s just enough to support the game on Indiegogo or in Pledge section on game’s official website

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