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Apr 14, 2015

Hero Generations PC Review

GameInfo: An innovative roguelike/4X strategy game where every turn is one year of your life. Explore, find a mate, build a home, and raise a child before you die to keep your legacy going. Praised as "the offspring of Sid Meier's Civilization, Jason Rohrer's Passage, and The Legend of Zelda." 2011 IndieCade Finalist.

Review: Huge fan of roguelikes. But this one bored me to tears.

This game is very simple, which is good. It isn't challenging at all, which should be the hallmark of a good roguelike. However, it also lacks depth. It's a game about grinding that goes nowhere. Each generation sets up the future success of the next generation - but to what end? If I wanted pointless grinding I'd continue my life as a software developer. It's pretty fun to play, but nothing about my brief playthrough makes me want to come back and continue playing.

The combat is extremely tedious - actions that should take less than half a second (or be instant) like dice rolls end up taking longer.

I guess it comes down to this:

It's not a terrible game, but for the price I would have expected much more. Would not recommend you spend your money on this, there are much better roguelikes/lites available. EG: FTL, binding of isaac, dungeon of endless
Verdict: 60/100

Genre: Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Heart Shaped Games LLC
Publisher: Heart Shaped Games LLC
Release Date: 10 Apr, 2015


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