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Apr 7, 2015

SCE Cambridge Studio SPOTLIGHT

Cambridge, saw and conquered

1. C-12: Final Resistance
(PS1 – 2001)
After MediEvil 2, the studio had a go at B-movie Earth defence with Lt Riley Vaughan and his fancy cyber eye. Cue gloom-soaked but sound third-person action, a late release for the rickety PS1 with an audience willing to overlook its technical hiccups. Also came in a twin pack with MediEvil called ‘The Cambridge Sexy Sandwich’. That last part may be a lie.

2. Primal
(PS2 – 2003)
Marketed hard by Sony, Studio Cambridge’s PS2 debut gave us a striking new heroine in demon-stalker (and partdemon herself) Jen Tate. Primal solidified the team’s speciality in paranormal action adventure – think Kameo meets Soul Reaver – and while it struggled to nail the combat mechanics, you couldn’t knock the presentation, voice acting or monstrous amount of game to get through.

3. Ghosthunter
(PS2 – 2003)
This and Primal were parallel projects that left nobody free to bring MediEvil to PS2. Worth the trade-off? Well, this tale of ghostbusting Detroit cop Lazarus Jones was no disaster – just solid if unspectacular action/horror that, like Primal, tried to skew a bit more to the adult side than MediEvil. Looked lush but lacked charm, and was soon forgotten by all but the most ardent of ectoplasm enthusiasts.

4. 24: The Game
(PS2 – 2006)
Dammit Tony! With a new script by the TV show team and use of all voices and likenesses, this should have been a sure thing. It did pack in 58 missions from classic Bauer terrorist firefights to interrogation, hacking and driving, but with the inevitable overall lack of polish that came from spreading itself thin. Still, as a piece of fan service it got everything else right. Including a Kim Bauer kidnap incident.

5. Killzone: Mercenary
(PS Vita – 2013)
In recent years the studio’s made PlayTV and TV Superstars for PS3 and ported LittleBigPlanet to PSP. But its biggest solo job since becoming Guerrilla Cambridge in 2012 was this fresh frolic through the Killzone universe. It fared far better than portable spin-offs from the likes of Resistance, so all credit to the Cambridge troopers for keeping their skills sharp.


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