5 Things Every Arcade Game Needs

While it might be seen as a negative in big budget games, arcade games need only a fewsimple rules to keep layers coming back – purity is key to the score-chasing mentality.

There’s all sorts of tricks developers can use to keep things interesting. Look atGeometryWars – it’s a simple shooter but its longevity comes froma number of unique game modes.


Modern arcade games are all about the competition and if players can’t compete against friends, rivals and experts from around the world, they’re unlikely to stick around for long.

We have established that a simple tool set is best when it comes to arcade games, but the little subtleties to mechanics and scoring systemsare whatmake the very best stand out.

The action needs to be contained to short, sharp bursts in order to offer players the true arcade experience and keep them replaying in search of bigger numbers to top the leaderboards.

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