Broadsword : Age of Chivalry – PC Review

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Broadsword: Age Of Chivalry is a turn based strategy game ported from the mobile version.

To be honest it is quite a basic strategy where you control various types of units (such as swordsmen, peasants, archers etc) and a hero who can gain magic type abilities as the battles progress by spending point won in battle. There is also the ability to improve your structures and build new buildings to improve your army

The battle animations are ok but every soldier in a unit looks identical to his comrades and can be funny when you see the members unit moving faster than their legs are moving, sort of doing a forward moonwalk.

There are two different campaigns to complete and a local multiplayer mode. Unfortunately there is no online multiplayer or even a skirmish mode.

Overall it’s an average strategy game but for the price i think there are much better strategy games available.
On the plus side however all the content that microtransactions in the android version have are included in the game for no extra cost.

+ Easy to use interface, with in game tutorial.
+ Variety is abilities/magic to spend on your hero to increase their powers

– No online multiplayer.
– No skirmish mode.
– Better games available for its current standard price of £14.99

Score: 55/100

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