Galactic Civilizations III PC Review

Huge disappointment!

The game at its current state makes me think that the game is rushed and under a poor budget.

A campaign with only 3 scenarios? Are you kidding me? It is the shortest campaign in any game I have ever played. On top of that, the campaign is dull and boring, adding little to the original story.

The game is very unstable, many if not most players encountered blue-screen-of-death or crash-to-desktop issues from time to time.

The game is very imbalanced. I can own everyone with a single carrier fleet on the hardest difficulty or keep producing the most overpowered ship 100 times the strength of my enemie’s flagship every turn with my ridiculous manufacturing power; I could make a radar ship that reveals the whole map for me. I could make some “teleport” transport ship that is capable of bring 3 billions of my soldiers from one side of the universe to another, taking my rival’s colony all in a single turn!

Serisouly, I feel the game developers had spent little time on balancing the game because they don’t even have enough time to fix the stability issue.

In conclusion, the game is rushed and not polished at all. I suggest anyone who haven’t already bought the game to wait until they fix the game or wait for a -75% price cut on Steam before buying it or just buy GalCiv 2 now because it is 100 times better than its successor.

I would leave the game at a rating of 60 until they fix the game.

Verdict: 60/100

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