Guild of Dungeoneering – Review

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Allright, so this game is actually really new and refreshing! And they got it right with a new twist.

+ Pros

Random generated YOUR way!
Pretty looking visuals
Amusing soundtrack
Turnbased combat done well
Good replayability

– Cons

No in-depth options
Can feel like a Early Access game sometimes


You start of in a room and some random selected cards to start off with, combat, currency and path.
So your goal is to reach the quest, either a boss, kill enemies blablabla.
What’s really unique with this gem of a game is that YOU decide the path, YOU decide the combat, if you REALLY want to you can build a path around everything straight to your goal but that’s kinda hard since you need to farm up to fight the boss or whatever your goal is.

And you get a Guild Hall where you can buy 3 kinds of rooms, Might , Magic and Loot .
And each section have a huge variety of rooms, 10+ if i’m not mistaken. So you get to create a enormous base at the end.

It’s RNG turnbased combat that really makes you think sometimes, it can ♥♥ up your whole dungeoneeeeeeering if you use a wrong card. But it’s SO rewarding getting gold/silver/diamonds etc to upgrade your guild.
For each enemy you kill you get an upgrade, weapon/secondary/helmet/shirt that gives you bonus powerups or things like health, better blocking during combat and such.

Everytime you die you get a new character you can name, and of course a graveyard where you can track your best runs with each character.

This is my favorite in this game, it’s a really cool song played to every achievement in the game with lyrics!
And the in game music is also amazing and you feel intimidated.

Rating: 79/100

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