Help and Tips: GTA V – Grand Theft Auto 5 Performance issues?

Hi fellow GTA fans, does anybody have a clear idea about the performance of GTA V?

I have this setup:
Win7 x64
Intel i5-3570K
OCZ Agility SSD OS Drive
OCZ Vertex SSD Game drive
1680×1050 screen resolution, dual monitor

So I would consider that as an upper-mid range system? (except for my monitor)

Unfortunately I’m very disappointed by the performance of GTA V…
I’m running update v2 for the moment.

When I stand still in the game, I get to 60fps, whenever I move around, even just a little bit, I almost never get above 40fps.
Driving aroung in a car drops me down to 20-25fps…

Every single setting is turned down to the minimum (off or normal) (and the resolution is only 1650×1080)

I don’t see my CPU, RAM or GPU bottlenecking in the monitors…

Is this normal?

At the same time, for example Bioshock Infinite can be run on almost maximum, same for Assassin’s Creed Unity.

Any insights?

Thanks already!

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  1. Nope, that's not normal at all, you should be able to run it far far higher, are you OCing? Try a 3DMark11 test (futuremark(dot)com/benchmarks/3dmark, available here, do a fire strike test to see where you are at) and also do a prime95 blend test. See what happens. Of course, check temps first and constantly be present just in case. First, make sure you have the latest drivers for your GPU.

  2. Thanks for the assistance already!

    – No OC at all

    – Fire Strike: Score 8652
    with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970(1x) and Intel Core i5-3570K Processor

    Graphics Score

    Physics Score

    Combined Score

    I have the latest 'special made for GTA V' GPU drivers

    I'll look into the Prime test.

    Could the problem be that the game files are on my secondary SSD? (which is almost full)
    Both of my drives of course connected on a SATA 3 connector.
    I shouldn't think so, but I've got no other ideas atm…

  3. A lot of people are reporting serious problems with that new "GTAV ready driver". Their performance decreased a lot. Try the previous version 347.88 or 347.52

  4. Your scores are fine, it should really run better, do the blend test too to check the RAM, is your SSD more than 80% full? Use TRIM to get rid of the useless files, make sure you have the latest firmware and do what reaper wrote.

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