Retro: Castlevania Rondo of Blood – PC Engine CD 1993

Best Intro

RONDO OF BLOOD never saw a Western release on the PC Engine CD – the arliest we saw it was on a Virtual Console release in 2010. And that’s a damn hame, because the game was one of the better Castlevania games released in the early Nineties. The intro we’ve printed here is actually three stages of animated pening showing the 19-year-old protagonist, Richter Belmont, hurl his chained Vampire iller whip at a skeleton under Dracula’s control. It’s a great way of showing you that Rondo Of Blood is abiding to some key Castlevania tropes – mainly that the main character is a elmont, that he has a whip, and that you’ll be battling the undead in a side-scrolling adventure. t’s also a showcase of the gorgeous colours and sharp edges the CD was capable of rendering.

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