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When I first played this game, it had numerous issues. It crashed on startup, by which I mean the first 10 times I played it, it either shut itself down without an error message or froze and windows forced me to close it. It also made me physically sick, and didn’t run well. It also had issues where if I zoomed in on an item (to collect an item), the game would crash.

There’s been no patch but I have fixed some issues. Originally the game made me sick but that can be fixed by playing on Low Settings instead of Min and changing the FOV. No problems there.

The game does have frame rate issues. I’ve talked to a few people who had the same problem, some with a desktop computer. The games frame rate does dip below 20 at times. For me, it runs between 15 and 40 fps on low settings and changing the settings doesn’t make a lot of difference.

You have to make choices in this game. This game is about choice. You get two options: a red or a blue option and you pick which one you think suits best for the way you want to play the game. There is also a lot of variety of your interactivity with the world. There are books to be found. Records to be played. Lights to turn on. There is a lot of it, and that’s one of the great things the game has going for it.

The ambient noise is also really good. The crackling of records. Helicopters flying overhead. I love the ambient noise. There’s nothing better than sitting down, and hearing the crackling of a record and some beautiful music. It’s definitely one of my favourite moments of the game. The explosions actually scare you, as you have no choice but to..sort of hide from it. Same with gunfire. Although in other games it would terrify you, there’s nothing you can do about it. You just live in constant fear that the next person to get shot/get blown up is yourself.

The game revolves around you, a Gringo housekeeper. As such, you get to know the nooks and crannies of the house very well. There are indoor and outdoor sections. But also as it is set in a house, there aren’t a lot of variety to tasks “clean this”, “mop that” so if you want a variety of activities, this isn’t for you. However you can explore, crack codes, discover secrets, etc. and that’s one of the things I love most about this game.

Would I recommend this game? Truthfully…I don’t know. If you like so called “walking simulators” or you love indie games, then I’d say yes. If you can look past the issues I had at the start, then I would definitely recommend this game. But as the issues I had at the start, and still have seem to have ruined the whole experience for me. I can’t. It takes me out of the world.

Original Review:

I wanted to enjoy this game. I really did. I love Latin America. I loved exploration games. I love political games. I love games that aren’t just a “Kill the Russian guy” “go to this place” type games and so I was really looking forward to sunset.

I know I have 0.3 hours on record, and that’s literally nothing. But the performance just isn’t there. The game freezes, shuts itself down, runs very poorly even on low settings. I really want to love this tale of tales, I really do. But I can only judge it on what was in front of me…and that was nothing short of poor.

Not only was the performance bad, the camera seemed to have this really strange messed up fish eyes lens whenever I looked at items of interest which just made me sick.

Maybe later I’ll review it again and give it the positive that I hope this game deserves, but until then – it’s a thumbs down from me.

Sorry Tale of Tales. 🙁

Verdict: 60/100

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