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Jun 10, 2015

Empyrion - Galactic Survival - PC Review

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Very fun and addictive game. I must have started about a dozen times now, always finding better way to develop and progress ... or computer crashing in the heat of the action (probably also high outside temperatures helped. This actually brings me to one thing I am really missing: SAVE. Please give us save functionality. Occasionally, on Windows crash the game did no longer recognise the survival scenario of the active game and thus I ended up butt naked in the wild.

The hardest part for me in getting started with this game was figuring out how to EAT!! I think I starved to death twice before I had the epiphany of putting food into the direct access key panel. Slow learner, I know.

The mechanics are great with having to create parts before being able to create machinery. Building a base is an interesting experience and each subsequent attempt made them look tidier.

There is another thing that would help enjoying the game more: The light of the drill should be less focussed. Since mining takes up quite some time, one usually does that to a good extent at night and trying to find one's way around the bore hole is somewhat awkward.

Anyway, great game and I am glad I bought it. It is good fun and worth every penny spent on it. In fact, over time this could become a game that is really cheap in regards to replay value! Great job.
Verdict: 83/100


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