Heroes of the Storm – PC Review

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Truly an incredible game experience. I’ve played League of Legends and definitely enjoyed it but became somewhat of a toxic game experience too often for my comfort and I lost interest. Played DOTA 2 which also didn’t hold my interest for long.

I started playing in the alpha then beta for Heroes of the Storm and watched the game develop into something quite fun and fabulous! I am a fan of Blizzard games (Warcraft 1-3, Starcraft 1-2, WoW, and Diablo 1-3) and have had a chance to try out my favorite characters in this MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena). I can confidently say that Blizzard once again has knocked this one out of the park.

You start the game with a tutorial in basic game mechanics which eases you into the experience. When you feel ready you can venture into real combat with player vs player in a 5 vs 5 arena. Or if you’re more comfortable you are able to choose to play with AI, but the most fun is playing with and against real players who you can test your mettle with!

It’s exciting, it’s social, and the experience will leave you wanting to play more. Sure it’s frustrating to get blown out by a superior team, but it will motivate you to learn more about your maps and characters, making you better and stronger. The game is unique in that your team levels up together…you live and die by who you’re with.

The most satisfying fun I’ve had has been teaming up with my friends and being able to talk about the experience. So far my favorite characters to play are Nova (stealth surprise kills!), Malfurion (fun support from the Warcraft universe), Jaina, Raynor, Thrall, and now Johanna (tank Crusader from Diablo 3). If you love Blizzard games or MOBA style games this is a must. You can play for free, and if you enjoy the game can choose to pay real money to unlock skins or buy character packages etc.

If you’re not totally sold, I’d recommend downloading the free game and trying out the free stuff before committing to the starter pack. The starter pack is a great deal with a unique mount, the Golden Tiger Mount, and five heroes: Sonya – Warrior from Diablo 3, Zeratul – Assassin from Starcraft, Zagara – Specialist from Starcraft, Li Li – Healing Support from Warcraft, Jaina – Assassin Mage from Warcraft (omg awesome!!), and Ronin Zeratul Skin.

Probably one of the best parts of the game is the humor infused into it. There are character skins that will make you laugh. I won’t ruin them but plenty of them will make you go “WTF?!” And some are just clean, detailed, and awesome!

Rating: 85/100

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