Legends of Pixelia – PC Review

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This game is very fun but also can be sort of fustrating if you’re not very patient. Took me a while to get use to the controls on keyboard and aren’t bad with a controller. You can’t really change the keybindings, there are 2 presets. The keybindings use the WASD and arrow keys as preset A and NUM keys with WASD keys as preset B (keyboard).

Playing for about an hour at the time of the review, there’s not a large variety of monsters, but there could be many I haven’t got to yet. The two bosses I’ve been at right now seem to have familiar tactics and AI. But that hasnt stopped them from being unique from each other. (Of course) They are different creatures, but are the same as the smaller versions of them around the dungeons.

The replayability is there, but may get old if you keep dieing. The dungeon will not change for a while until you die around 3-5 times before changing. Each time, you can get an item from (I’m going to call it the Chest) the Chest that makes you stronger. You can also upgrade the items with coins you find around the dungeons.
There are two modes you can choose from when creating a character, one will only make you lose XP when you die and the other deleting your character completely. If you are into rouge-likes, hardcore is for you. but if you just want to play and enjoy the game for what it is, softcore is what you’ll want.

This game is interesting and would definitely recommend you to try this.

Rating: 79/100

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