Magicka 2 – PC Review

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If you don’t intend to play this through purely in multiplayer with a gamepad steer clear of it completely.

Being a huge fan of the original Magicka with over 90 hours logged I had a certain expectation of quality. I have almost completed the game though I can tell that the changes made to the combat really ruined what made the original such a unique title. The new casting system is reliant on a gamepad and has cut out a huge amount of spell combinations.

Magicka 2’s casting system just seems really plain compared to the original, from what I gather they wanted to balance out the casting system by removing overpowered spells to make it more focused around identifying the weaknesses of particular enemies though now the combat feels incredibly slow paced and boring.

As of writing this I’m 2/3 through the game, the story mode is significantly shorter. Thankfully the writing still maintains the quality it had in Magicka, and the graphics have been updated, but the pacing of the game is just disappointing overall. I hope that the DLCs improve the game though I seriously doubt they will change the core mechanics of the game which they have really gutted.

Rating: 60/100

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