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Jun 12, 2015

Raging Justice - PC and XBOXONE

Nikki Rage. Rick Justice. Together they are raging Justice, teaming up to wash the immaculately dressed and very wellco-ordinated criminal scum from the streets – WITH THEIR FISTS.
But fists aren’t all you’ll be using in this modern take on the classic ‘90s 2d scrolling brawler: you can grab a chair and bash through the contents of a bar, mete out some bloody justice with a traffic cone, or cut enemies down to size with a freaking lawnmower. There’s also a shotgun that you can kill people with, which is less funny. actions apparently have consequences, however: you can try arresting people to explore all avenues of moral implication. fun fact: developer makingames was founded by husband and wife duo nic and anna makin, who have experience on Xbox 360 exclusives Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero.


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