Shadowrun: Hong Kong – PC Review

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SR: Hong Kong opens with a new story, a new decking mechanic, and well… noting else fresh, worth mentioning. The art style is still good, the China-theme really works well, especially in the Matrix, Which itself changed for the better. It is really impressive, less frustrating and unforgiving, there is a new hacking mechanic, and some mild stealth element in it. Hong Kong offers much more chance, to use actual skills, like charisma, or drone control, to handle missions, giving more opportunity for non-violent solutions – a welcome change.

The story is nearly identical to the other games: you get a call from old friend, get sucked into conspiracy, oh my god, the world is in danger. At least there are no inter dimensional bugs, but Dragonfall certainly felt better. The characters are re-used as well – the decker girl is basically Glory from Dragonfall, with the only stand-out guy (gal) being the handler woman.

Missions are quite interesting, and the game brings 15-17 hours worth of new runs, with enough variations in them, to be a good experience. Still: nothing in the core mechanics have changed, or progressed except for the matrix. If you played Dragonfall Director’s Cut, even the UI tweaking won’t feel new. I would have liked new classes, or new spells, but… oh well. I still enjoyed this chapter, even if it isn’t the best in this series.
If you liked the rest, by any means, pick this up, you won’t regret it, since it is a good game.

Rating: 70/100

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