Elex – PC

Currently being developed by Piranha Bytes, creators of one of the great CRPG series, Gothic (ignore Risen), Elex is a new action roleplaying game set in a unique post-apocalyptic science fiction/fantasy world. There is very little information available about the game as yet, but we do know that Piranha Bytes is planning on making a […]

Fury X Benchmarks “Radeon Fury X vs Gigabyte GTX 980 Ti Gaming G1”

The upper end paints a much rosier picture though, albeit not quite the NVIDIA smack-down we’d hoped. The Fury X delivers solid 4K performance for a grand, and it’s likely to get even better once AMD tunes its drivers. However, if we had a grand to spend, we’d still lean towards NVIDIA’s GTX 980 Ti. […]

Super Dungeon Bros – Due July 2015 (Windows 10)

What do you get when you combine a love of killing monsters, rock-n-roll, and the sort of camaraderie only a four-player co-op can inspire? You get Super Dungeon Bros, an indie bro-op isometric dungeon crawler by Wired Productions that sees four rock themed heroes named Axl, Ozzie, Freddie and Lars thrashing through hordes of the […]

PC and Video Tennis Games (The Five Best Tennis Video Games)

Games of this style are based on the real-life sport of tennis. Players use a racket to hit a ball back and forth over a low net. Points are scored when the ball lands in the field of play on and is not hit back. While some tennis games feature exaggerated play, or incorporate unconventional […]

Street Fighter 5 beta invites go out at 3pm BST tomorrow and PC BETA Release Date

Successful Street Fighter 5 beta candidates will receive their beta key tomorrow at around 3pm BST, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe community manager Chris Owen has confirmed on Twitter. “SCEE Street Fighter V Beta invites will be going out to successful candidates at 3pm BST Tomorrow!” he tweeted. PC users can get access to the online […]