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Top 5 PC Games For Graphics

Once upon a time, Flight Simulator in black and white was the pinnacle of PC games graphics. These days, however, you’re going to have to do a little better than a few blocky dials and knobs to knock the average PC gamer’s socks off.

Arguably, in 2015 a top-of-the-range PC pumps out more graphics power than a measly PS4 can only dream of in its sleep.

So, if you’ve just spent a few hundred dollars on a new Nvidia GTX 980, you’ll be wanting to put that baby to the test.

Here we select five of the sweetest games for PC that will have you licking the monitor lovingly (OK, maybe that’s a little too far, but they really do look good enough to eat).

Game: Valiant Hearts: The Great War
Developer: Ubisoft

Topping many people’s charts for best puzzler of 2014, Valiant Hearts featured some truly cracking cartoon graphics as you took on the various armies of World War I. Captivating and emotional, it also looked like an oil painting.

Also see: The Talos Principle for its mind-bending mix of magic, fiendish puzzles and a healthy smattering of philosophy – if you want that sort of thing.

“Beautiful and poignant as well as being a cracking little puzzle game, Valiant Hearts could be one of the best war games ever to hit the PC.”

Source: Ubisoft

Game: Final Fantasy XV
Developer: Square Enix

Remember playing Final Fantasy on the Playstation, getting immersed in the 7 discs of action but felling somewhat short-changed by the graphics? All that has been blown away by the series’ latest incarnation, a title that (OK, we’re cheating a little here) isn’t out for a few more months.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on the preview video here and wonder no more about why the 2001 big-screen outing for the game felt such a letdown.

Also See: Purists who want to get their hands on something that’s already out could do far worse, meanwhile, than check out 2014’s amazing RPG thriller, Divinity: Original Sin, crammed with luscious graphics to back up its creepy fantasy theme.

“Forget Final Fantasy on a clunky PS1; the 15th incarnation of the game looks set to blow everything out of the water.”

Source: Sledgehammer/Activision

Game: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Developer: Sledgehammer Games

It’s a few months old now, but 2014’s latest COD franchise addition (designed for Windows by Sledgehammer) packed more rendering in one scene than James Cameron could dream about in a whole series of Avatar movies.

The game’s engine was devised from the bottom up, which meant that Advanced Warfare was more realistic than anything that had gone before. And it sounded pretty bloody brilliant too.
Also See: Far Cry 4 was beating a path to be included here, but COD just wins out.

“Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare put you in the thick of the action as utter mayhem (and lens flares) ensued around you.”

Source: Sledgehammer/Activision

Game: Activision Casino
Developer: Activision Blizzard

It might be showing its age, and the PC game might have been overtaken by their young real-money online upstarts, but it’s hard to fault Activision’s foray into fun-play slots, roulette and blackjack.

Activision Blizzard might be known these days for the full-on mayhem of Call of Duty, but they’ve also got into casino video games of late.

The attention to detail of the casino floor is still great, with over 30 well-rendered avatars to choose from as you whip out the bankroll and gamble like a pro. Choose from 139 games, including Casino Hold’em, Pai Gow, and roulette, as well as a Wheel of Fortune. It’s a fun game, but many players end up trying their online counterparts for a better thrill.

There’s no doubt Activision Casino is due a makeover, and with Las Vegas passing a law allowing skill-based arcade action in their video slots, it’s prime for an Activision Blizzard to sweep in.

“Activision’s Casino is showing its age but it led the way in fun-play casino games for years, and the graphics still look great.”

Source: Activision Blizzard

Game: Transistor
Developer: Supergiant

Taking on the role of a mysterious woman in possession of an all-conquering weapon, Transistor is packed with romance, an excellent plotline, and artwork you want to rip from the monitor and hang on the wall in a frame. If you’re a fan of old-school Japanese anime, you’re sure to get a real kick out of this. Who needs Final Fantasy?

Also See: Tales From the Borderlands: Episode 3 (Telltale Games) immerses you in the world of Pandora, and lays on the gore, graphics and violence for good measure. Being bludgeoned never looked so good.

“Transistor blended Manga artwork with Japanese mysticism and a healthy dose of kick-ass.”

Source: Supergiant Games

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