Call of Duty Black Ops III – Preview

Is there anything that can be said about the Call of Duty franchise that players don’t know about already? Well, in case some have been living under a bricked console or PC for the last decade, Call of Duty is one of the most successful first-person shooters available today.

The game has been spun into at least three different directions since its initial launch, with each focussing on different aspects of warfare. The base CoD games were World War II focussed, while Modern Warfare was pretty self-explanatory, and Black Ops had a bit more of a clandestine twist. A number of Advanced Warfare games were also released, taking war into the future.

The next game to make a spin on consoles and PC is Black Ops III, and should be hitting the shelves around November. The title is naturally the sequel to 2012’s second Black Ops game.
Developer Treyarch is meshing the clandestine with future combat by placing the game’s plot in a dystopian future set in 2065. The story arc from the previous game will also carry over, with the events taking place 40 years later.

Taking a leaf from what is slowly happening today, robotics play a main role in combat. But unlike today, that technology has been used to create super soldiers who power through the battlefield. Not a lot in terms of story arc has been announced yet, only that players will be part of a black ops team of soldiers with super soldier capabilities.

One of the more exciting things about the game is that it will feature four-player cooperative gameplay and that the campaign, multiplayer and the Zombies mode of Black Ops III have been completely overhauled.

Players will be able to fully customise their chosen male or female soldier, and there will also be the ability to get through levels differently each time the game is played. Other things that can be customised will include the weapons with the new Gunsmith feature, a Camo Designer, and a new class system called Specialists.

For the gamers who enjoyed the zombie modes, those too will be returning in the third game. An all new narrative separate from the campaign will see the zombies encompass their own story and multiplayer modes, and both of those mode will feature a brand-new XP system.

Call of Duty is without a doubt a smash hit every year, and even though people jokingly say that every iteration is “just a map pack” to previous titles, that has been proven to be false. With every game, the developers bring new ideas to the table, and Black Ops III will be no different.
There is no doubt that it will once again be a great success and a competitor for an eSports title, so if you are a fan of the every-growing franchise, you best keep an eye on this one.

Developer: Treyarch
Publisher: Activision
Distributer: Megarom

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