Fury X Benchmarks “Radeon Fury X vs Gigabyte GTX 980 Ti Gaming G1”

The upper end paints a much rosier picture though, albeit not quite the NVIDIA smack-down we’d hoped. The Fury X delivers solid 4K performance for a grand, and it’s likely to get even better once AMD tunes its drivers. However, if we had a grand to spend, we’d still lean towards NVIDIA’s GTX 980 Ti. For starters, it’s much more overclockable, leading to palpable performance boosts over the FuryX. More importantly, it has 6GB of onboard memory, which will definitely be noticeable in certain, memoryhungry titles. Finally, and this is a biggie, AMD’s driver support for its Radeon line has been pretty abominable over the last six months. The last official WHQL driver released by AMD was at the end of 2014; meanwhile NVIDIA pops them out every fortnight or so.

The red corner really needs to lift its game in this regard to give Fury X the attention it deserves. Hopefully if it does, the memory and overclocking issues will become a moot point, and Fiji can drive AMD back into the top spot. With more cards in the Fury series due in the coming months, we look forward to seeing what else the Fiji chip can do; we’ve got a feeling both the GTX 980 and 970 are going to feel some considerable heat.

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