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Jul 21, 2015

PES 2016

Natural. That’s the easiest way to describe playing new PES for the first time. Regardless of which faction of football franchise you belong to, it’s easy to slip straight into a game and feel at home. Such familiarity would make it easy to overlook just what it is that Konami’s latest effort is doing so well, but it’s precisely thanks to its qualities that one can get acclimatised so quickly. New animations mean that passing angles can be easily created (we pulled off a couple of lovely cushioned lay-offs), while there’s a pleasingly physicality to both dribbling and defending. Shooting maintains its satisfaction from last year, with long-range bangers particularly sweet. In short, it just works. That should totally be a slogan for something...
Format PC, XO, PS4, PS3, 360 Pub Konami Dev PES Productions Out 18 September


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