Top Upcoming PC Games of 2015


Release date TBC 2015 Developer Epic Games

It saw its thunder stolen by the construction system in Fallout 4 , but Epic’s Fortnite still looks like a very cool mix of Horde mode with Minecraft as your team prepares during daylight for the onslaught of enemies. Get together with friends and build extravagant forts or insane weapons.


Release date 1 September 2015 Developer Avalanche Studios

Hopefully some of the glow of Fury Road will still be around by the time Mad Max hits shelves, because it deserves the attention. This open sandbox of post-apocalyptic driving and combat seems like the perfect homage to the franchise.


Release date 22 September Developer Frictional Games

The developer behind Amnesia: The Dark Descent is clearly unhappy with how much it’s messed with our frail minds already, so this sci-fi horror project plans to get further under the skin than any other survival horror game. The very thought sends shivers down our spine.


Release date 13 October Developer Ubisoft Montreal

The big news is that TerroHunt is back! You’ll also be able to get Siege with Rainbow Six: Vegas and Vegas 2 for free on Xbox One, which is a nice addition.

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