Celestian Tales: Old North – PC Review

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The enemy strength scaling SERIOUSLY needed another pass.

For the first 6 hours of the game or so, the game is disappointingly easy: You literally just mash the A button through every single encounter and will succeed without even thinking about it (much to my dismay).

I was happy when it (completely randomly, mind you), got slightly more difficult and I had to actually use the game’s combat system (around the time you’re sent to meet Lord Severin on the frontlines of the war with the World Enders). Chapter 6, I believe.

I was, however, NOT happy, that the enemies in a game that claims “you don’t need to grind” spiked without any warning from dealing 70 damage per hit in the last area/chapter I was in, to 600+. That’s just bad scaling.

This game has potential, but there’s still a ton of work to be done regarding progression. The early part of the game is so easy it’s frankly… well… boring. Like really boring. To the point where I was sorely disappointed to see there was no adjustable “difficulty” setting as the entire game to that point had been “walk around and mash A”

But then the “difficulty” (“enemies with higher stats” is just artificial JRPG difficulty, it doesn’t ask any more from the player) spikes without any warning, especially strange considering it’s supposedly the same enemy types that I’d been dealing with for a full chapter.

This seems to be a passion project of the company, and to my knowledge it’s one of their first games, but as someone who was curious about how they handled their claim of “no grinding required” and fought each enemy through each zone I went through and no more, this game needs some major work regarding battle difficulty progression before it’s considered “finished”.

And I would drop the “no grinding required” for now until something is done about the fact that at one point the game goes from enemies taking 10 hits to kill your squishiest character to 2 hits to kill your one tank in a single zone change.

Verdict: 50/100

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