Oscura: Lost Light – PC (Released)

Dying pointlessly frustrates me. Hence, I don’t play a lot of 2D platformers. In the case of Oscura: Lost Light, however, I fi nd myself failing frequently and actually wanting to try again. This is  largely because the game is also part puzzle, requiring the manipulation of crystals to reverse gravity, break walls and solidify platforms. Success often requires thinking the problem through, rather than solely relying on reflexes.

Set as a prequel to two mobile games in the series (although this is on PC), Oscura must collect the pieces of the Aurora Stone he broke by disobeying the lighthouse master. No-one likes a world plunged into darkness, after all. There are beasts to evade, shadows to hide in and perilous, mechanical artifacts to circumvent. The art style combines black walls with strong, single colours and quirky details, while the music fuses a modal melody with modern drumbeats.

This is a challenging, but always enjoyable, experience which never forces you to load very far back when you die. Towards the end of each chapter, the level gets noticeably more difficult, providing  the impetus to just push on a little further. It’s the thinking woman’s platformer, and from a local developer to boot.

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