Top 5 PC Games of 2016


Release date TBC 2016
Developer Ninja Theory
We’ll be following protagonist Senua ‘down the rabbit hole’ in Hellblade. She’s suffering from psychosis, and will have to battle not only through hordes of seemingly undead Viking warriors, but her own cerebral labyrinth as well.

Release date March 2016
Developer Capcom
The roster continues to expand for Street Fighter V.
Cammy plays as you’d expect – almost exactly the same as in Ultra Street Fighter IV. Birdie has a lot to prove. He’s quite tech, but a great fighter once you get to grips with him.

Release date TBC 2016
Developer Flying Wild Hog Think Duke Nuke ‘Em in Japan. 
Think gratuitous bloodshed, over-the-top executions and swearing. Think fast action, tight controls and a refined art style. Think Shadow Warrior 2.

Release date TBC 2016
Developer Gearbox Software
Battleborn is a game created for co-op players: there will be five of you per team, and there are no duplicate characters. Battleborn takes the progress Borderlands made with PvE game design and applies it to PvP – we’re down with that.

Release date TBC 2016
Developer Slightly Mad Studios
Doesn’t it seem like only five minutes ago that Project CARS was released? Well, it sort of was, but Slightly Mad isn’t wasting any time in getting to work on a sequel promising new racing disciplines such as Rallycross and co-op navigation.

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