Ubisoft’s FOR HONOR PC


A 4V4 BRAWLER from Ubisoft? No-one could have predicted this would be a reality by 2016, but

here we are, torn between three factions. We’ve got The Chosen (modelled on Samurai warriors), we’ve got The Legion (based on knights errant) and we’ve got The Warborn (read: Vikings). You’ve got yourself and three player-controlled allies rushing into battle with you, supported by a gaggle of NPC soldiers. It all looks fairly MOBA-like to us, but with a bit of a twist.

Combat with AI is easy – it looks a bit like The Witcher’s system, block and dodge and you’ll come  out on top. It’s when you take on enemy heroes that things get a bit more heated; it’s a battle of parries and well-timed heavy blows. It’s about footwork, it’s about looking for openings. Actually, it’s a pretty decent emulation of real sword fighting – very few games can boast that. It looks like Ubisoft is trying to trivialise the MOBA somewhat, stripping back some of the mathematical underpinnings of the genre in order to make it more console-friendly.

In the process, Ubisoft Montreal seems to have created a new genre – it’s reminiscent of War Of The Vikings and Chivalry (both PC exclusives), but minus the over-the-top violence. We can imagine this game getting quite competitive, the battles look set to be tense, no matter what skill level each player is. It’s a game that falls somewhere between The Witcher’s combat, the Assassin’s Creed animations and the lane-based play of any MOBA. Let’s wait and see how this game deals with microtransactions, though…

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