Armello – PC Review

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First off, it’s totally bootyful. The art, animation, presentation, music, all of it, awesome.

The game is super easy to pick up and play, and it isn’t all too deep. Matches last for 45 mins, maybe an hour, and each one can play out differently, with different win conditions that are better suited for different characters. A few account-level unlocks, but nothing too skewed toward power. So there’s a fair bit of replay, but it’s not infinite.

No local multiplayer, currently, but there is online. Single player probably won’t keep you occupied for too long, and it is rather easy (difficulty levels would be much welcome) but multiplayer has some potential, especially when ranked play comes with a later patch. Still, grab three friends, sit around without pants on, make a drinking game out of getting rot, and you’re probably have yourself a good time.

Verdict: 70/100

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