Fallout 4 – The Weapons

Plasma Weapons

Most beam weapons in games can feel disappointingly weak, like we’re actually playing a harmless game of laser tag in a war zone. not so in fallout, where a critical hit is able to melt your victims. fallout 4 also lets you construct a plasma sniper rifle.

Junk Jet
Running out of bullets but rich in tin cans? invest in the Junk Jet, which happily fires random objects in your inventory. We’re not sure how much control we have over what gets launched, although we do like the idea of shooting a shotgun into someone.

Baseball Bat
A favorite of raiders everywhere, gleefully running up to us even when we’re clearly holding a shotgun. a pretty nasty melee weapon, with modifications including razors, nails, chains and saw blades. We predict the most popular decoration will be raider brains.

Fat Man
We can’t think of a better way of saying ‘i’ve learned nothing’ than firing a mini-nuke launcher in the radioactive wastelands. this is one of the game’s most powerful weapons – just please think before you start firing it at close-range.

Subtlety is dead, and so is anyone foolish enough to stand in your way when this is equipped. heavy, bound to take up a lot of inventory space, and not the best choice if you’re trying to come across as a diplomat – but it’s hard to care when you’re packing this much firepower.

Pipe Pistol
Constructed from springs, rusty metal pipes and other worthless tat that we’d never have let dirty our fallout 3 pockets. this gun has a tendency to look weak, but it can be upgraded into a variation of more formidable pipe rifles. Better get looting.

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