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Not a good game. They didn’t change anything for the better imo. The gameplay is still the same, it has not been greatly improved in any which way, same as before pretty much, possibly worse. Graphics are the same, cut scenes and replays still have horrible fps and lag, looks choppy as ever just like in past FIFA’s – how do they not fix this? It boggles the mind. The ai sucks, goalies suck, passing is lame, defending isn’t good – nothing new or innovating added here. The players still move like robots and even the shirts and shorts look like they’re made of plastic or frozen to the body, no realistic fluid movement on those fronts either. And that should be simple to fix, but they just leave it as it is year in and year out, I’m just scratching my head at how pathetic that is that they don’t want to fix simple things like this.

The “Skill Games” suck, nothing new or interesting added to make it unique, same old boring crap, shooting, passing, defending bla bla bla……nothing exciting about it. The offline career mode sucks, they give you manager mode and player mode (from the player you create) what if I don’t want either of these? What if I just want to choose a realistic team, no create a player crap and play with them in career? Is that too much to ask for? The women’s teams are a good addition but with only 12 teams and no MLS or UEFA champions leagues of their own it leaves much to be desired.

Not much else to add, it’s the same game from last year but probably worse in some respects. I’ve lost all hope in this franchise and I hope it dies off, they’re just stealing money every year buy adjusting it just a little to make it seem like it’s a “new” game but it’s not, it’s the same old same old crap.

But I have to say this entire “next-gen” era has been a complete failure and disappointment. With only a couple of descent games, the consoles are under-powered and are not much better then their predecessors. A lot of games that we thought were gonna be great ended up being disasters. It’s really been a sad and depressing era for video games.

Verdict: 20/100

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