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Sep 2, 2015

Renowned Explorers: International Society PC Review

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Renowned Explorers is great game. I have played about 1.5 hour so far and enjoyed it a lot during this time. It is kept in nice lighthearted mood that will keep you smiling through most of a game.
I enjoy tactical encounters a lot and the fact that i can resolve in different ways. It is no longer just a case of winning but winning in the way that will benefit our crew the most.

Game keeps it short and composes of 5 expedition to finish one run. It is similar to FTL in that manner that it can be completed in one afternoon and then you go on pick a new crew and start new procedurally generated adventure. I think game has potential to give hours of fun.

I also highly appreciate the tutorial in the game it teaches all the basics you need to know to complete first expedition.

My greatest concern is the price FTL legend that started it all is on sale for $ 9.99 and as much as I appreciate beautiful graphics of Renown explorers and more work put into the build I would prefer it to be slightly cheaper. For me it’s still worth it but it’s up to you to decide.

I also have a video featuring first procedurally generated expedition in which I show the gameplay, talk about mechanics, and teach you how to play feel free to check it out and let me know what you think. If you have any questions hit me up here or on my channel I’m happy to help.
Rating: 75/100


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