Top 5 PC indies that are rocking killer soundtracks


Ok, so it’s not indie now, but it was when C418 – aka Daniel Rosenfeld – created the electronic melancholia that accompanies your blocky adventures. Both beautifully lonely and atmospheric, Minecraft’s echoing soundscape is enough to bring a tear to a glass (sand plus any fuel) eye.

Be it the soaring joy of The Road Of Trials or the soulful cello of Nascence, Journey’s aural extravaganza is a delight. Austin Wintory worked closely with That game company over three years to create what would become the second highest charting video game soundtrack ever after Guitar Hero III.

It wouldn’t be a proper rundown without the pounding electronic notes of this technicolour top-down murder sim from Dennaton Games. From the iconic repetitive beats of MOON’s Paris to the leery Deep Cover from Sun Araw, this is a soundtrack we could (and do) have on repeat constantly.

Danny Baranowsky’s bold soundtrack to the Nicalis original of the twin-stick shooter is a perfect accompaniment to the madness. ‘Creative differences’ between dev and composer were cited for the lack of Baranowsky’s work in Rebirth.

David Housden’s lonely and beautiful score to Bithell’s block puzzler with a difference is a wonderful combination of traditional instruments and electronica. Sweeping and atmospheric, this award nominated soundtrack is a must have for your headphones for your morning commute.

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