The worst indie horror games for phobia sufferers

Afflicted with hylophobia, are you? Alas, then this procedurally-generated survival horror just isn’t for you and your fear of forests. If you go down to the woods today, there’s no teddy bears having a picnic – only a collection of fiendish nasties you must build a hideout to escape from.

My Bones
Ah yes. Taphophobia, a fear you probably just haven’t put a name on yet. Well here, have a label for that horrible sensation you get when you think about waking up in your own grave, just like the leading gent in this short PC game. Yes, we thought you’d sleep better knowing that. You’re very welcome.

Clown House
Watching Stephen King’s It at an early age left a generation with coulrophobia. Or perhaps it was that birthday party at McDonalds… Whatever the cause, a fear of clowns will make this PC and mobile game about a house full of lunatic mimes as fun as stabbing yourself in the eye with a balloon animal.

White Night
Myctophobia, or the fear of the dark, is one of the easiest phobias to understand. No-one likes the unknown. The noir White Night sees a detective exploring a haunted house with a very limited supply of matches. Tiny pools of light and things that go bump in the night mean this is a no-no.

Covering, you guessed it, the fear of women, this horror shooter is just plain bizarre, not to mention ugly. Following a man deathly afraid of both ladies and spiders – because of course he is – it’s thankfully all over rather quickly. If this screen isn’t enough to put you off, see more on Steam.

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