Eitr – Screenshots

Developer Profile: Eneme Entertainment was set up by David Wright (artist/designer) and Tobi Harper (coder/developer) with the aim of creating a game that mimicked all the best bits of Dark Souls, but with a real strong RPG focus. Both developers are hardcore gamers, citing Zelda, Street Fighter, Smash Bros, Dark Souls, Diablo and Path Of Exile as their favourite games.

You can use charge attacks, imbue your weapons with magic,
bash enemies with your shield… all sorts of moves. Which is good,
when faced with mobs like this.

You can rest, recoup and save at bonfires.
Now, why does that sound familiar?

Format: PS4, Vita, PC
Origin: UK
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Developer: Eneme Entertainment
Release: 2016
Players: 1

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