Mafia III

Format PC, PS4 and XO Pub 2K Games Dev Hangar 13 ETA Summer 2016

The story of an Italian-American’s ascent from lowly putz to formidable mafioso is a well-worn cliché these days. Perhaps that’s why 2K Games has surprisingly ditched its typical New York wiseguys in favour of an African-American protagonist and a New Orleans setting. Whereas previous instalments have focused on your ascent through the ‘family’, Mafia III hones in more closely on the inevitable conflicts that arise between rival criminal organisations. So, playing as Vietnam veteran Lincoln Clay, you’ll assist the ‘black mob’ in its brutal battles against the local Italian mafia. More generally, a host of technical upgrades ahead of this current-gen debut distinguish Mafia III from its franchise forebears. Visual upgrades abound, while the slightly stiff combat of previous games has been refined. The result – in theory – is an altogether more convincing brand of mob justice.

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