Old Games: POLICENAUTS – PC 1998

Released in 1994, and reputedly taking five years to make, Policenauts – a portmanteau of police officer and astronaut – was a science fiction film noir, a detective story with designs on the ‘mature’ gamer. As was the norm back then, videogames that focused on adult themes were generally developed for the PC market, and Policenauts was originally released on the PC-98 and 3DO, and then later on the PSone and the Sega Saturn. Sadly, the game was never localised, which means in order to really get a handle on Hideo Kojima’s unique vision, a fluency in Japanese is necessary. However, some dedicated chaps at Junker HQ have been working on transcribing the game for the last fi ve years. And we don’t envy them either because it’s truly a mammoth undertaking. Depending on which version of the game you play, Policenauts comes with a weighty in-game encyclopedia that fleshes out the culture and the characteristics of its world.

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