SNATCHER (a Hideo Kojima Game)

Snatcher can be seen as the spiritual precursor to Policenauts. The games are set in two different and very distinct worlds inhabited by very different people. Also, Snatcher feels less like a detective story and more like a first-person action/adventure game. Its gameplay uses point-and-click style adventuring permeated with occasional shooting sections, and its story touches on the Illuminati and borrows heavily from the films Blade Runner and Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. The story centres on mysterious beings know as Snatchers, who steal the bodies of humans and use them as a host to blend discreetly into society. You play the role of Gillian Seed, and work for a special unit of rangers known as JUNKER who are assigned to draw out and eliminate the Snatchers at any cost.

Gameplay Video

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