The Best Of The Indie Scene! – DEAD REALM pc

Finders, creepers

Completing our grim quintet of indie terror, guaranteed to make your bumps goose, is the ultimate game of horror hide and seek. Currently in Early Access on Steam, Dead Realm is just like the innocent game you used to play in the playground, but instead replaces one friend with a grim faced, horror movie-inspired ghost. No, it’s our turn to wear the mask made of human skin…

Set inside the home of an eccentric electricity tycoon, where he of course murdered his family in a grisly fashion, this multiplayer horror currently includes three different maps. In each one, you are either the hunter or the hunted. Whether you’re the human or the ghost in each map, there’s a slew of abilities available.

You’re it Hunting your prey as the monster becomes easier with a mechanic which lets you see your  targets as glowing pinpoints on the map, but you’ll need to be sparing with how much you use it. Conversely, your human targets can bring up a screen which shows just how close the enemy is, and  even access a series of security cameras to  try and catch a glimpse of their pursuer. That should help them survive for at least five nights…

It’s absurdly tense fun, and each map has a stack of hidden passages to scurry away through and secrets to find. It might be prime YouTube bait for screams, but Dead Realm already has plenty of horror potential.

“it’s just like hide and seek, but with a grim-faced ghost”

The ghost appears as the ferocious Wolfman, a baby in a creepy mask, or the
Leatherface-inspired Butcher, clad in human skin.

Format: PC Developer: 3BlackDot Out: 2016

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