Top 3 Indie Titles for PC


Ashen Rift is just the thing for people who like both survival games and dogs. It promises a deep and emotional experience, as you traverse an expansive and constantly changing wasteland with a canine companion. The game is clearly focusing more on its journey rather than the destination, having you testing your survival skills, while providing a different experience each time you play with its constantly shifting environment. Not to be confused with A Boy and His Dog.

Obviously there are many people out there who are big fans of Die Hard, including the people developing Turnover. Players take the role of an office drone, Clea, who must escape the armed guards attempting to take over the building, like an 8-Bit John McLane. The game itself seems to promise a lot of tense moments and close calls, reactive enemy AI will ensure you never quite know what’s coming next.

Every so often there is a game that takes two things that have been done before and blends them together to make something new. That’s exactly what you get in this experience as it combines the chaos of beat-em-ups with the strategy normally found in MOBAs thanks to a card based skill and equipment system. This mixture will have people staying on their toes as they find the best ways not to die.

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