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Top 5 Best Free iOS Slots Apps

Let's get one thing out of the way before we start - there's an absolute horde of casino apps on Apple's App Store. You would have to spend hours just to see through the first batch of hundreds of offerings that are constantly being updated. With that being said, the market is not without its niche and nuance apps, as well as high quality online casino representatives that seek to augment your priceless time and attention that is solely focused on casino slots - entertainment. With that in mind, here is a short list of some of the best, totally free slots apps that you can thoroughly enjoy on your iOS powered device, that being an iPad or an iPhone.

1. Lucky Slots

Start with one of the best and most widely played casino apps, Lucky Slots is an ample representative of what the industry has in store when it is done with sheer quality in mind. There are a ton of different slot machines that accompany this hefty app, including fan favorite Excalibur and  the progressive jewel - Pharaoh's Treasure. Each slot you will play which is part of Lucky Slots is  excellently designed to appeal to phone users, with fast and responsive touch controls, bonus games and progressives, not to mention you get excellent bonuses if you log in to their online website. You can check more of the app and similar on the list of sites by NetEnt.

2. Monopoly Slots

Just as the name suggests, this is the official app of the very popular online slot based on the table game of Monopoly. The same mechanics, addicting game play and ton of bonuses await in this charming yet entertaining slot which you can play on your mobile iOS device. Not only is the slot entertaining and true to its roots, it also boasts several features that are mobile-only! Be sure to check it out for its entertainment value is far greater than its tiny download size.

3. Slots - House of Fun

We strongly recommend checking out Slots- House of Fun on the App Store for it is a great collection of some of the best slot machines that you can play on your mobile iOS device. We are talking 100% dedication here - an app that is constantly being updated with new games, features, bonuses and the best part - weekly challenges for more coins!

4. Slots of the Caribbean HD

Fans of Pirates and pirates' themed games in general will most certainly enjoy this "arr me matey" themed slot app. Not only is this a progressive slot game, it also includes a ton of bonus features such as a 5 stage bonus game, wilds and free spins, all wraped up in a gorgeous looking environment that will invoke the sea-dog in your.

5. Born to be Rich

If you are keen to play online here on the App Store, Born to be Rich is the app for you. As the name suggests, it is an app that rewards you with free chips from the get go and doesn't stop. As a 5-reel, 30-line video slot, Born to be Rich has some of the most excellent games packed with it, offering a dazzling experience through its amazing animations, excellent bonus features and ton of replay-ability.


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