Great PC First-Person Shooter Games for GeForce 8800

the BEST FIRST-PERSON SHOOTERS for Geforce 8800 Graphics Card Metro 2033 Well-crafted survival horror misery Lovely Planet First-person shooting with a difference Doom 2 Hundreds of ways to play Tribes: Ascend Speed, skill and skiing Half-life 2 One of the best games ever made Counter-Strike: Go Complex team-based shooting Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Tuned, focused […]

Pale Echoes – PC Reviews and more

Reviews & Images Screenshots & Specs Similar Games Trailer  Rating: 74/100 Rating: 74/100                                                                 Pale Echoes was a surprise hit for me. I went in skeptical and came back pleasantly surprised. The game is pretty short, but every bit of it seems purposeful. At no point did I feel like I was wasting my time. The […]

Deathsmiles coming soon to Steam!

Information Screenshots Details & Credits Degica is pleased to announce that the occult classic shoot ’em up, Deathsmiles, is coming to Steam! Deathsmiles’s developer, CAVE Co., Ltd., is the powerhouse behind revered bullet-hell shooters such as Mushihimesama, DonPachi, Espgaluda, and many more! In Deathsmiles, you take the role of one of five Angels to defend […]

2015 PC Games for 2GHZ Dual Core Cpu (Processor 2GHZ)

Citizens of Earth Turn-based combat that has no NPCs? Great! Blitzkrieg 3 It might be worth checking out. A Rite from the Stars A Rite from the Stars appears to a charming addition to the adventure genre. There Came an Echo Making use of voice commands, it will make for an interesting premise. Titan Souls […]

Stories of Bethem: Full Moon – PC Reviews and more

Reviews & Images Screenshots & Specs Similar Games Trailer  Rating: 84/100 Rating: 86/100                                                                                                                    Solid […]

Overwatch – Game Information

Concept: Overwatch is a fast-paced FPS that swings the emphasis away from big body counts and onto team-work, camaraderie and an array of unique heroes to fight with INFORMATION Details Format: PC, Xbox One, PS4 Origin: USA Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment Developer: In-house Release: 21 June 2016 Players: 1-12 Developer Profile: Jeff Kaplan joined Blizzard in […]

The Best PC Indies to Give a Loved One This Christmas

Undertale 25th December. 8:33am. Does your bleary-eyed other half receive underwear – making everyone else in the room blush – or the far-less-likely-to-shock-the-family Undertale? It’s a no-brainer. This is a wonderful love letter to JRPGs, and its soundtrack is a bonus gift that keeps on giving. Plague Inc Evolved Give some perspective to a friend […]

Helldivers – PC Reviews and more

Reviews & Images Screenshots & Specs Similar Games Trailer  Rating: 82/100 90/100                                                                                                  Helldivers is a great game at a great price. Co-op is really fun, graphics are decent with little cool features. I has a very unique system that all players are playing together to conquer 3 different enemy homelands. I would recommend this game […]