all PC Wargames List Between 1985-1993

Wargames are a subgenre of strategy video games that emphasize strategic or tactical warfare on a map, as well as historical (or near-historical) accuracy.

Here’s a list of pc war games in 85-93.

Action North Atlantic

Action Stations

Action Stations Scenario 1

Action off River Platte

Air Raid Pearl Harbour

Ambush – Rating 6/10

American Civil War V1

American Civil War V2

American Civil War V3


Battle Stations

Battle Tank Barbarossa

Battle Tank Kursk

Battle of Austerlitz

Battle of the Atlantic

Battles of Napoleon

Battleship Bismark

Blitzkrieg Ardennes

Borodino Napoleon Invades

Bravo Romeo Delta

CW No Greater Glory


Carrier Strike

Carrier Strike Exp Pak

Carriers at War

Carriers at War Exp Pak

Charge of the Light Brigade

Conllicl S15 Conflict in Vietnam

Conflict: Middle East

Conflict: Middle East

Conflict: Korea

Crusade In Europe

Decision at Gettysburg


Dreadnoughts Bismark

Dreadnoughts Ironclads

Dreadnoughts Deluxe

Fall Gelb

Filth Eskadra

Fire Brigade

Fleet Commander

Fleet Med


Gary Grigsby Pacific War

German Raider Atlantis

Gettysburg:Turning Point

Golan Front

Grand Fleet

Great Naval Battles

Great Naval Battles Exp Pak

Grey Seas. Grey Skies

Halls of Montezuma


Harpoon Battle Set 2

Harpoon Battle Set 3

Harpoon Battle Sei 4

Harpoon Challenger Pak

Harpoon Designer Series

Harpoon Scenario Editor

High Command

In Harms Way



Kursk Campaign

Line in the Sand

Long Lance

MacArthur-fe War

Main Battle Tank C Germany

Main Battle Tank MiddleEast

Main Battle Tank N Germany

Malta Storm

Man ol War

Mare Nostrum

Marianas Turkey Shoot


Moscow Campaign

Northern Fleel

Operation Overlord

Pacilic Storm Midway

Pacific Storm Solomon

Panzer Battles


Patton Strikes Back

Prelude to Jutland

Red Lightning

Return to Falklands

Rising Sun

Rommel Battles For N Africa

Rommel at El Alamoin

Rommel at Gazala

Rorkes Drill

Second Front

Seventh Fleet

Special Forces

Stalingrad Campaign

Storm Across Europe

Third Reich

To The Rhine

Typhoon of Steel

UMS Original


UMS 2 Civil War

UMS 2 Desert Storm Seen

UMS 2 Plane! Editor

Under Fire

Victory : Velikiye Luki

Victory: Utah Beach

Victory at Sea


War in the Falklands

Warship that Changed Histry


Western Front

White Death

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