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 Rating: 88/100

Rating: 90/100                                                                           
This game is the very best of its genre. If you like CRPGs like Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment, Neverwinter Nights, you are going to like Divinity: Original Sin. The Enhanced Edition made it even better than the acclaimed original version, improving the game in literally every aspect. I must warn people who are not familiar with these kind of games, there is a lot of dialogs, thankfully every single dialog in the game is voiced. My only complaint is the inventory management, you will find yourself struggling with the chaotic inventory box very often.

Rating: 90/100                                                                          
I just can say: woah. Enhanced version its really kickass (was really disappointed with first edition). Lots of role playing and fun. Ill try to say my honest opinion with this one,

Nice fights, really fun and versatile.
Role playing is kickass, you can alter quest such in a massive way.
Interesting maps, really invites you to discover entire maps and keeps you with mystery through them.
Intuitive quests, not for lazy minded people.
Leveling is fun, you can spend a bunch of time thinking what to invest, that’s kinda cool imo.
Enhanced edition improves almost everything, the improve in graphics, effects, optimization its really mindblowing compared with the last year one. Pretty solid.

Not best story or dialogues (its kinda weird, but that weird thing maybe keeps you interested).
Voice acting isnt the best (sometimes its annoying to hear npc speech’s)
Difficulty: not friendly (old fashioned way, you can encounter high lvl mobs that only warns you not to keep going that way lol).

Rating: 85/100                                                           
Everyone at the first sight consider it’s a Diablo like RPG but it’s totally different. I’d rather treat it like 2.5D skyrim or wildhunt.
If you have no patience to explore the world, this game is not for you!
The battle is full of fun with strategy.
For most AAA RPGs in 2014 and 2015, they told you to do something/get some stuff/from A to B, then to C. But for this game, you need to decide which way you should do to complete B, because the result of B will influence A and C.
For example, a goblin tells you to murder an orc woman, bring her necklace back. You can kill the goblin, and tell the truth to the orc woman, you can kill the orc woman, and bring the necklace to goblin, you can also say hello to the orc woman, steal her necklace to the goblin and promise you have killed the woman! If you really kill the woman then another quest you need to get some knowledge and ideas to make a show at the town will be influenced…
So, it all depends on your choice! You can give the quest keys to the npc and after finish the quest, steal from them to open the treasure chest, if you find a drunk legion solder and search his inventory, there must be a mug with beer! You can make tomato sauce with tomato and hammer! This game has so much amazing details to explore…Lot’s of puzzles and jokes.

Critic Reviews

CGMagazine Divinity: Original Sin is one of my favourite RPGs in recent memory. 80/100
The Escapist Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition offers a well-written story, in-depth character development and tactical combat that will be more than enough to please most tactical fans. 90/100
AttackoftheFanboy It’s a grand adventure that rewards those who are patient enough to wade through some of the less polished aspects with incredibly rich dialogue, a huge world to affect and explore and much more besides. 90/100

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