Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below – Reviews and Images

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 Rating: 52/100

Rating: 10/100           
An excessively close-up camera makes this game nauseatingly unplayable. Additionally, by necessarily shifting a major portion of the player’s attention span toward relentless basic camera manipulation, less of that finite resource is available to focus on more potentially enjoyable and strategic game mechanics, such as anticipating dodgeable/blockable attacks. This arguably has the indirect effect of strongly encouraging frantic button mashing.

I am baffled that the developers overlooked such a blatant design flaw, particularly when juxtaposed with Hyrule Warriors—a comparatively superb game which one might have forgiven for such a decision, in light of the constraints of vastly inferior hardware. I would have gladly accepted diminished graphical detail in exchange for a wider field of view, and have no doubt that this would have felt like an entirely different game—one worthy of the Dragon Quest moniker.

Rating: 87/100                                                                                        
If you like hack n’ slash games, and Dragon Quest games, this is a very solid game. Old school mixed perfectly with new school. Two big thumbs up!!

Rating: 60/100                                
Its ok, it gets boring fairly quickly. Its like if you combined dynasty warriors with secret of mana. The voice actors do not match the characters artwork style, and its almost impossible to do. The English voice acting is so terrible I quickly turned it to Japanese, and even then the voices do not match the characters/art style. I would say it would be better to have silent characters, for this. It is incredibly repetitive as well, which is never a good thing. All in all its an ok game, but it is not worth anything close to 60 dollars. I would say 20 to 30 at most.

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