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 Rating: 78/100

Rating: 75/100                                                                     
Awesome little game, quite challenging too. On my first play-through just about all my companions died, having to watch the green hatchling get killed was especially sad. Only dectrator is that the game is very short. I really hope the developer makes a sequal/expands the scope of the game eventulally. It has a lot story potential.

Rating: 77/100                                                                      
So cute and heaps of fun with a controler.
If you like small indie titles this will really entertain, the game has loads of personality.
The developer has exicuted the rich story very cleverly through the game play, enviroments and NPCs. I love the fact that I am following a story of this little critter without walls of text to read or cut scenes with voice acting.
This game is a bargain, I am extremly satified by the value it offers.

Rating: 82/100                                                                           
I love this game!!!!! dragon’s Wake is fun and hard.

awesome music

the final boss

Rating: 80/100                                                                   
A short, sweet game. I enjoyed the 2d aspect and difficulty. Games of progression interest me, and this had it. I do wish the game was longer, but for $4 I cannot complain and I don’t think you could either. The art is also beautiful. And a short game that can make me feel, wow!

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