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Rating: 78/100

Rating: 86/100                                                                          
The first just cause was cool, but not great. It had potential that was later unlocked more so in just cause 2. Just cause 2 had fun mechanics, weapons, vehicles, but lacked a decent story. I am very pleased with just cause 3, because it has all the pieces to make the game fun on multiple levels. Please do not expect character development like that of the last of us. It’s not trying to be too emotional, because it’s an action game. This has a gta 5 type vibe, with being able to take what you want and dealing with the consequences, but player mechanics are very different. Driving and shooting comparisons are pointless, because it’s all based on personal preference. If you are on the fence about this game, pick up a copy of just cause 2 and you will know if it’s for you. Great job Avalanche studios!!

Rating: 10/100       
Just Cause 3 disappointed me a lot. After playing it for all the day I can say it’s just crap. It has little attention to detail, missions are boring and you always do the same stuff. Just Cause 2 was a masterpiece, while this one is a shame.

Rating: 85/100                                                                       
If you liked Just Cause 2 you won’t be disappointed with this game. More of the same only on PS4. Easy a 100+ hour game if you try and do everything. I have been hoping they would bring out JC3 and I am loving it.

Critic Reviews

VideoGamer Frustrating controls, a bland world, and various technical issues 60/100
GamingBolt Just Cause 3 is one of those few games that begins with a bang and ends with a boom. 90/100
TrustedReviews In a year dominated by brilliant open-world games, Just Cause 3 still manages to make its mark in style. 80/100
ScreenRant Just Cause 3 Just Doesn’t Do Enough With Its Vast Open-World. /100
Bit-Tech If political power comes from the barrel of a gun, Just Cause’s Rico Rodriguez would rule the world. 80/100
CheatCC Boasting a huge open world, this game offers hours of destructive fun and excitement. But is that enough to justify your $59.99? Let’s find out! 80/100

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