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Legends of Callasia is a simultaneous turn-based single and multiplayer fantasy world conquest strategy game with no hotseat waiting. Choose from a wide range of heroes – The Hundred Kingdoms, The Faeborne, The Revenant – and conquer lands through single player campaigns, or battle against friends through online multiplayer in board game-style maps. Use cards against your enemies or boost your armies and rule the world!


Classic fantasy world conquest strategy game with simple, intuitive controls
Endless strategies through wide range of heroes, units, maps, and more
Auto-resolve battle mode with two attack phases: missile and melee
Single player campaigns: follow the war of the races across the lands
Turn-based multiplayer game with simultaneous plan and resolution cycle: ranked and casual play, friend finder, rankings, leaderboards, and no hotseat waiting
Pay once and play: no free to play, no ads, no pay to win


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