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 Rating: 82/100

Rating: 90/100                                                                                    
Recommended! Very good port!
1080p and 60FPS with upgraded graphic – new lighting, realistic DOF effect and anisotropic filtering.
But interface texture has drawn for 720p resolution.

I have beat a half of this game and i want to say this game is very intresting. I like new battle system, but it a little worse than battle system in XIII and XIII-2, because Lightning in only one playable charcter in LR:FFXIII.
And i like game story too, i very glad to meet all of main characters from XIII and XIII-2 again.

Rating: 80/100                                                             
It is clear that the extra time they put into the pc port of this game was worth it.

The graphics settings are much greater than the two prior iterations, however at least in the first hour of gameplay, there have not been any bugs or glitches. The game runs at a consistant 60 fps on maxed out 1080p settings on my GTX 970.

So far, it seems that holding off and waiting for the pc release of this game was certainly worth it!

Rating: 75/100                                              
pro(s) :
– battle system has much improvement from previous Final Fantasy XIII games and a lot more interesting
– 60 fps Lightning is something you just want to see all day
– Nova Crystalia is beautiful place to explore, especially the wildlands
– Dual audio option (English and Japanesse)

– sometimes, there are graphic lag/extreme fps drop for a few second right when you enter a section of a region, (dunno if it just me, I’ll be happy if anyone comes up with a solution)
– the default keyboard bindings are confusing (it can be changed latter in game tho.)

Rating: 86/100                                                                          
+ Stuning Soundtrack that will harbour nostalgia for old Final Fantasy fans as well as fans of the first two XIII games.

+ Beautifully designed world, each area feels alive and has a unique design.

+ Battles are excitingly frantic and challenging, featuring real time strategy.

+ The Story is beautifully deep, and unapologetically eccentric.

+ Solid port, game runs at mostly 60 frame per second with occasional drops into the 40s.

+ The new advanced lighting and graphic options for this version look gorgeous, it truly looks like a remaster at times.

– Has to be online to play. ( Who cares though right? Just get a dongle if you want to play on the go. )

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